Matthew McConaughey Claims That A Product Called Regenix Saved His Hair

Mr. McConnaughhay claimed that he had a bald spot the size of a small coin before he started using a product called Regenix in 1999. He said this on live with Kelly! On Thursday. He said he was rubbing his hair with the product and it worked.

At the time the product was very expensive. Some claim that it cost $500 a month for the first 10 months. Today the same product only cost $173 per month for 10 months and then $20 a month for maintenance. $173 is still a lot of money. However, it is nowhere near as much as it once was back when Matthew McConaughey used it.

The product does not use any FDA approved drugs. No minoxidil, no finasteride.

McConnaughhay isn’t affiliated with the company in any way. He bought the product the same way anyone else would. This is the same product that many hair loss experts and hair transplant doctors claim doesn’t work.

I guess maybe all of these people have a vested interest in products like region next not working out for the public.

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